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  1. ŞENAY ŞAHİN SS 15 stars my destination"Terra is my nation, Deep space is my dwelling place, The stars my destination."

    Şenay Şahin's thematic collaborations with fashion designers continue in 2015, with Stars My Destination. The collection is designed to complement Asu Aksu's SS15 collection, The Seventh Sister. Following the same inspirational path with different tools and materials, not to mention a different prespective, Şenay Şahin weaves a luminous web of stories.

    Şenay Şahin's unerring instinct and keen eye continue bending metals to her will, without taking away their spiritual strength. Even harsh angles obtain a flowing quality and invite the gaze to an inner adventure.

    The collection consists of ten pieces, combining silver and black leather. The pallette is a nod to the darkness of outer space and the light of stars as seen from our little blue dot within that darkness. Subtle details, such as grooves on both sides of rings, combine aesthetics with ergonomics.